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Our network of fencing professionals provide superior fence installation and maintenance services to the local community. Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise and knowledge to provide quality products, services, and advice on all types of fence installation. Our team offers a variety of fence styles from traditional wooden fences to modern aluminum or vinyl fences.

Our fence contractors are dedicated to providing high-quality workmanship with attention to detail. Our fence company takes great pride in giving every customer the best possible service with an emphasis on safety and security. In addition, our contractors strive to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere where clients feel comfortable discussing their needs and desires. Our staff understands that each client’s situation is unique and our crew is committed to helping them find the right solution for their individual circumstances.

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When it comes to building a fence around your property, it is important to make sure you hire a qualified fence installer. DIY fence installation can be tricky and leave you with unsatisfactory results. Our experts are highly skilled professionals who have years of experience in the industry and take pride in their craftsmanship. Our team offers a wide range of services including custom-made fences, repair and maintenance, as well as basic installation. .

Our dedicated professionals believe that good fences make good neighbors because they create peace of mind and enhance the value of your home or business.

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Fence Installation Services


beautiful grey colored gate installed on a residential property.

The installation of residential gates in Charleston, West Virginia offers numerous advantages to both homeowners and their neighbors. Homeowners benefit from increased security and privacy within the confines of their property, as well as enhanced safety for those who live there. Neighbors also benefit from the additional layer of security provided by the presence of a gate, knowing that their property is more protected from potential trespassers or intruders. Additionally, installing a gate can be an effective way to create a sense of community, with residents feeling connected to one another through the shared boundary and increased visibility.

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Gate Installation Services

What does a professional fence contractor do?

A professional fence contractor provides a variety of services that involve the installation, repair, and maintenance of fences. This includes assessing the needs of clients and providing advice on the best possible materials and designs to suit their particular situation. Professional fence contractors also carry out site preparation work and can provide an estimate for any necessary building permits or other licenses that may be required.

Fence contractors are experienced in handling all types of fencing materials including:

  • wood
  • vinyl
  • aluminum
  • steel
  • chain link
  • wire mesh
  • and more!

They also specialize in different kinds of fencing such as privacy fencing, ornamental fencing, pool enclosures, security fencing and picket fences. Professional fence contractors have experience in installing custom features such as gates and arbors to enhance the beauty of a property or to increase its security. They are knowledgeable about landscaping techniques to ensure that fences are installed in an aesthetically pleasing way that will not disrupt the natural environment or detract from the overall look of a home or business.

How do you find the right fence contractor?

A successful fence installation starts with a quality fence contractor. Take a look at these steps you can take to ensure you are getting the right fence contractor for your project:

  • Research fencing companies in the area.
  • Ask friends and family for referrals.
  • Check online review sites for reviews.
  • Inquire about contractor experience.
  • Ask about business history and material used.
  • Obtain quotes from each contractor.
  • Ensure quotes include materials, labor costs, additional services, timeline for completion.
  • Inquire about warranties and guarantees.
  • Ask for customer references.
  • Consider cost, quality of service and materials when selecting a contractor.
  • Thoroughly research all options to get the best value for money.